Machiavellian said:

Really, what do you know what it takes for anyone to create the content of such violence as NR does or any violent content.  Do you work in this field, do you have experience because I certainly do not.  I have no clue and I am making no judgement because I do not do this work and never will.  You are stating no one should have to watch this content and I ask the question, if a journalist watched violent content for their article, someone writing a book concerning certain violent content, a person making a documentary for a movie or show, you name it  do you hold them also to the same moral standard.  There are plenty of instances where people watch this crap for research into a number of various different medias why is your moral standard fixated on just NR as if there is some type of difference.

Only thing I know is that I have played the recent MK and those Brutalities and Fatalities are pretty graphic.  I have watched some pretty violent Anime and I wonder how some of those people even come up with that stuff including all the gore. I have read books, viewed documentaries, watched horror movies you name it and from all of those medias people have watched the stuff expressed at NR for research.  So no, I do not believe this is some moral issue different than any of those other fields.

What I do agree with is after doing more research on the situation is that NR would need to probably bring in someone to help with diagnoses of PTSD since its a condition that is harder to see and thus they would need to monitor employees who work more directly with the violent content to make sure they mental health is not being effected.

First, I would like to point out that it is obvious that you're the one emotional about this topic.

Second, you keep assuming that I'm making some sort of judgement about the people doing so.  You will find nothing in my posts to that effect.

Third, you keep jumping to other fields and the comparison isn't valid for reasons already stated.

Above all, I go back to the beginning.  A company has a moral and likely legal responsibility to not engage in practices that are detrimental to their employees' health.  I am not picking on NetherRealm Studios, I am making a broad, uncontroversial, statement.