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Chazore said:
CGI-Quality said:

Nope. Based on word of mouth and reviews, many people got exactly what they thought they would. I think you just wanted something else. It never really promised to be God of War/The Last Of Us (funnily enough, it does things neither of those do), but offers a story that will stand the test of time (much like those will).

I mean, I'm gonna be frank here. I don't think every game has to literally follow in the vein of TLOU or GoW. The idea of having to help your brother, an NPC, to safety, while also dealing with other obstacles and having a wee bit of combat in there is something nice to have, rather than it being yet another third person game that tries to be like the previous two mentioned games. 

Oh, I agree entirely. Although the inspiration is there, A Plague does several things that those games don't and I'm happy for it. No one should walk into it expect a clone of any of those games.

Frankly, it's one of those games I wish was a PC-only title that took advantage of more PC-specific things, but you know, another topic for another day...