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Pemalite said:
This actually makes allot of sense for Sony... Rather than invest Billions in building-out an expensive cloud service that will only be used by their gaming division... Leverage one of the big Three's (Google, Amazon, Microsoft) efforts instead who have done the hard work.

The cloud isn't getting any smaller... Plus this should relieve some pressures on their slower Playstation Network too.

I wondering with this partnership, how will azure help PSnow in it's current state ? Will Sony shut it down then relaunch it the next day as 4k and extremely stable with little latency or will azure take over and replace psnow ? With Sony I'm not sure if it's wise to have 2 streaming services if azure the better for it's streaming and psnow lacking ? Heh, I'm abit curious how this turns? ^^

Last edited by SegaHeart - on 17 May 2019

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