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Just watched it, and... yeah, it was surprisingly good. Not crazy awesome or anything, but... good. And that's already impressive for what it was. I'd give it a 7/10, was a lot of fun, it was enjoyable both as a movie in itself and as a Pokémon adaptation, the humor was on-point for the most part (there's this one joke early on involving a nose (not spoiling anything here) that had the whole theater laughing out loud for a really long time, myself included, and I'm not normally the guy who laughs at movie jokes for too long), it was just a really fun time. There were some issues, though, of course. Script had many plot points that felt kinda forced, and a fair share of deus ex machina moments, particularly in the second half of the movie. The protagonist had some very questionable acting in a couple of scenes or so. But for what it is, I was really impressed, and am still in a bit of disbelief that I live in a world where this movie is real.

Edit: and by the way, since this is a box office focused thread, well... it being some random Tuesday night on a not-so-popular theater, and on a movie I thought wasn't that big of a deal going by the box office numbers, I thought it was fine to buy the tickets there rather than in advance. My friends took a while to get there, though, and we ended up buying the tickets like, a couple minutes before the session started. And, well, yeah. The whole room was full, except for the front row, where we unfortunately had to watch the movie from. Quite the surprise, honestly, I hope this movie does go on to become a success. Given the timing of its release and the nature of what it is, I think there's a good chance it'll have lengthy legs, or at least I hope as much. It deserves it.

Last edited by mZuzek - on 15 May 2019