Prediction: Larry Kudlow will be the next person to leave the Trump Administration. So Larry went on Fox news of all places and had a talk with Chris Wallace concerning Trump's Tariffs. Its not uncommon for Larry to support Trump and his lies but even he could not support the current lie where Trump is stating that China is paying in actual money to the US Treasury for the tariffs. Trump of course could not let that go so he had to tweet today doubling down on that lie as he so often do and I am sure just about anyone who has followed the President knew he would.

I am more surprised that Larry would go against his boss but then again even he doesn't want to be considered a complete idiot trying to support that dumb lie.

I have to wonder, just how stupid Trump believes his base to be. There is only 2 ways to really look at it. Either Trump knows he is lying and chooses to throw out such a stupid lie or he really is that stupid (Which is what I believe) and he believes his lie. I wonder how many times he has been told what he is tweeting is wrong and how many times he has ignored it.