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JEMC said:
RolStoppable said:
Hamilton's days are coming to an end as Bottas steals his lunch money. I'd have placed a higher bet, but when the payout doesn't happen before November, I can hardly care at all.

If Hamilton's days are coming to an end, what about Vettel? He has certainly proved that he isn't the perfect driver that we all thought he was during his Red Bull days.

I got the driver order for the bet from a betting site, with the favourite at the top. So I think it's pretty telling that they've given Leclerc better odds of winning the race than Vettel.

Although I actually think last year showed Vettel's faults even more than this year so far. He could have won the championship but screwed it up entirely by himself. This year he's probably not going to be in a position where he can even cost himself the championship.