TalonMan said:
RolStoppable said:

Actually, my follow-up complaint is that the locked thread isn't back on my Buddy. If locked threads remained on the Buddy, nobody would need to sift through profile pages, so the work on profile pages has no priority whatsoever.

I am pretty sure that many people are interested in how a thread they posted in has concluded. Or being able to know that they received a direct response to one of their posts when they were in the middle of a discussion, so even if it's not possible to post in a locked thread anymore, at least the response(s) could be read.

I didn't change the Buddy - that's the way it's always been. And because there are a limited number of topics available to fit in there, it would be sorta wasteful to include locked threads there.

kirby007 said:
Well if its locked it ended up pretty badly id say

...and yeah, what Kirby said! 

No, that's not the way it has always been. COKTOE noticed the change as well. And of course kirby knows it too.

I don't see how it would be wasteful when the Buddy's purpose is to show the threads that were most recently posted in. Locked threads will eventually vanish from the Buddy, just like all other threads you stop posting in. There's no inconvenience caused by having locked threads on the Buddy, but there's inconvenience when they get removed forcefully, because that requires a manual search to find the thread again. That's why it is preferable if you looked into returning things to how they were.

This situation feels similar to the font change on the Hot Topics page where you said that you didn't change anything, but something had changed anyway. I believed you last time and I believe you this time too that you didn't change anything, but something you did elsewhere with the code impacted the Buddy unintentionally.

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