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Random_Matt said:
Bristow9091 said:

Oh yeah that's actually a good point... wonder if they'll cut the games from the service on PS4 or find another way around it

Aside from ME 1, DA 2, you should skip the others in the trilogies, ran like dogshit on the PS3. PC is the way to go for those, or Xbox if that is your only alternative, same with 95% of all multi plat games last gen actually.

I have the Mass Effect trilogy on PS3 and PC, and Dragon Age: Origins on PS3... I've only actually played Mass Effect 2, not even to completion anyway, on PS3, but did try playing the first on PS3 earlier this year, I couldn't do it, not because it ran horribly (It did), but because I found it SO dated and boring that I gave up within a couple of hours, lol. Might give it a try on PC some time. As for Dragon Age: Origins, never finished it on PS3 but I did really enjoy it, and the performance didn't bother me in the slightest. Never played Dragon Age 2 but heard it was pretty terrible, and as for Dragon Age: Inquisition, I've got it on PS4 but only ever put about 5-6 hours into it, been meaning to revisit it for years, but kept getting distracted by other games and general lack of interest since it didn't exactly grip me after the intro.