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TalonMan said:
Bristow9091 said:

Would it be possible to say, link to a tagged user's profile? So if I do @TalonMan and click that, it'd take me to your profile? I mean, it may or may not be useful to some people, but when I see coloured names I always sort of want to click them lol :P 

mZuzek said:

Yeah, I had this too. These beautiful colored names in bold are just begging to be clicked on!

Ok - now I'm starting to get a complex. Are you guys not reading my posts??? 

"I will be making further enhancements to this at some point to color code manually entered mentions, as well as to hyperlink both mentions so that they direct to the mentioned user's profile. For now, the manual mentioning has been restored."

Hey, I didn't get made mod based on my ability to read! I'll admit I actually skipped over the last paragraph though, my bad... :(