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mZuzek said:
RolStoppable said:

Now that that is done, we need the ability to like our own posts. I want to... um... test how it looks when I get a like. I'll only use it once!

*concerned stare*

By the way, Talon, did you get notified again for this post? It'd be good if there was an exception for quotes.

Right - that was fixed during the last update to the mentions (which I pointed out in my OP) - in fact, it was in my very first sentence!! LOL!!!

"I recently corrected the advanced mention look-up capability in the new text editor so that it actually worked (and didn't duplicate quoted people, etc.) "

...anyway - to answer your question, I only received the one notification (the first time Rol mentioned me). I did NOT get a second one from your quoting him.