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I recently corrected the advanced mention look-up capability in the new text editor so that it actually worked (and didn't duplicate quoted people, etc.) - with the side effect being, manually mentioning somebody no longer worked. This has been fixed.

It was important to have both methods work because:

a) Using the drop-down makes finding and spelling usernames much easier, for accuracy.


b) The drop-down does not work for the mobile version of the editor, nor would it work in the Quick Reply box

With this update, the choice is yours!!!

 - When you are in the full desktop editor, you can continue to use the lookup drop-down by typing the "@" sign, followed by the first few letters of the name you are looking to tag. Doing so will cause a drop-down to appear, and allow you to pick-off the name.

 - When you are in the mobile editor or just using the Quick Reply box, you can still mention somebody - but the onus is on you to spell the name fully and accurately. Just type out @Ryuu96 and they will get the notification.

The one difference at the moment (and it's the most obvious) is that selecting the username using the drop-down color codes the username as described in the previous thread, such that it's obvious that it worked. I will be making further enhancements to this at some point to color code manually entered mentions, as well as to hyperlink both mentions so that they direct to the mentioned user's profile. For now, the manual mentioning has been restored.

As always - let me know in this thread, if there are problems...

Edit: Testing whether hyperlinks now work with the enhanced drop-down mentions - @kirby007 @Machina @Bisa @RolStoppable 

Last edited by TalonMan - on 08 May 2019