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mZuzek said:

But is the leap as noticeable as previous gens? I think that's the point, here (well, maybe not Liquid_Laser's point, anyway). Open world games do look a lot better on PS4 than on PS3, but by comparison, open world games were barely even possible on PS2, with only a few ones to have actually been successful at it (GTA and Shadow of the Colossus come to mind, the first one having horrible graphics and the second one having horrible framerate despite being extremely minimalistic). In technical terms, the gap between consoles might not be necessarily diminishing, but the result we see on screen sure is, which isn't to say modern day AAA games aren't visually impressive.

The jump from ps1 to ps2 was much bigger then ps2 to ps3. When 360 came out you had people saying the jump wasn't big enough, it doesn't look much better then then xbox/gamecube/ps2 best games, obviously There was none of that with ps1 to ps2, it was compared to dreamcast, and later blew dreamcast away with MGS2, and GT3. So diminishing returns have already started long before this Gen, but of course on a smaller scale.That being said I'm only arguing with people that say it looks to close to gen 7. Come on now most people have already accepted graphics have come a long way since 2013.

Yeah, agreed. Diminishing returns have always been a thing, I said this myself earlier in the thread too. And graphics nowadays really do kinda shit on 2013 lol, and you don't even need to look at the highest end PS4 games for that, even Switch games can look miles better than last gen stuff.