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Zoombael said:
CGI-Quality said:

There's nothing bold about throwing around a bag of money. 'Bold' would have been bringing a robust functioning store. That's how you combat Steam. Not flash your green and bait Valve into a percentage battle to give up their exclusive hunt.

Bait into? Valve altered the revenue split before EGS was released. Unfortunately, their reaction to the changing market proves that they don't acknowledge the core issue and are unwilling to undergo the long overdue transformation.

To the dismay of smaller developers and to the benefit of bigger fish. In favour of safe bets - established IPs/genres etc. - and superior economic prowess. Valve gives ample aid.

How bizarre. Despite the infamous reputation to lower prices faster than anyone else, installing the system and rules to make it possible, Valve is not the one getting scolded by the wonderful gamer crowd. The ones allegedly making a good point or something. However, "muuh wallet, muuh shoping cart, muh reviews" is all there is. You're taking games and the people behind way to granted. I doubt something in the order of a videogame crash would make anyone of you realize where the priorities should lie. You'd propably still be satisfied with whatever piles up.

To limit the possibilities on how to put pressure on rivals would make a stale market and go against the core principle of a competitive economy. So i sorta agree. It would've been more bold to just copy Steam. In the sense of leading nowhere, the Epic agenda null and void, just another store to satisfy the need for instant gratification of the cheap-cheap-cheeeap consumer and intensify that what you call "PC Gaming". You fail to recorgnize that is isn't "throwing around bags of money", isolated deals that serve no stratigical purpose, as was the case with Microsofts Tomb Raider timed exclusive.

To top it off, you're basically saying leaving more money to developers - the people who do the actual work, take full risk - is bad? How bizarre, how bizarre. But shrugging off the prospect of Valve wasting money on another wacky hardware gamble. After Steam Machines, Steam Link, Steam Controller, now it's time for... Steam Goggles.

A lot of this sidestepped my point entirely. Either way, yes, Epic baited Valve into a percentage change. No escaping that.

You can think Epic is ‘doing good’ by the PC market, that’s fine, but if they were simply about offering devs a ‘better cut’ (and nothing else), they wouldn’t have to outright buy exclusivity for games weeks from release (among other things). ‘How bizarre’ indeed.

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 03 May 2019