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Ka-pi96 said:
ugh, sounds like he's not my kind of character at all. Don't like stealthy style characters. That kind of sucks since he's probably the best looking one.

That leaves Moze as the only character I'm interested in then. Couldn't care less about Amara since melee characters are boring in Borderlands and FL4K looks rubbish.

Really hope they add some good DLC characters. Gaige was fantastic in BL2, my favourite BL character actually!

I would say that only one of the 3 skill trees is stealthy, Doubled Agent. Hitman seems to be a run and gun tree with lots of damage boosting skills and a high damage drone for the action skill. Under Dover seems like more of a tank tree, with lots of defensive skills and an action skill that has you staying in one place hiding behind your shield. I'm actually very interested in his Hitman skill tree, so he is still an option for me. 

I agree about Amara though, not interested in her at all. She feels very samey, 2 of her 3 skill trees feel alot like the previous 2 Siren's, Lilith and Maya. The 3rd is very melee focused and I'm not a fan of playing melee characters in Borderlands. I agree with you that Gaige was the best character in Borderlands 2. Speaking of DLC characters, there is a rumor that Fiona from Tales from the Borderlands will be a DLC playable character, since she became a Vault Hunter during Tales.