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What we learned from the leak:

-Each character has 3 different action skills now instead of a single action skill in previous games.

-You can equip 2 action skills at once

-There is one action skill per skill tree

-Zane's 3 Skill Trees are called Under Cover, Hitman, and Doubled Agent. Under Cover is more of a Defensive skill tree, Hitman is more of a run and gun damage dealer tree, Doubled Agent is also a damage dealer skill tree but is more focused on grenades

-Zane's 3 action skills are a shield that blocks enemy fire but allows Zane and his teammates to fire through it, a drone that hovers around shooting enemies, and a Digi-copy clone of Zane that distracts and damages enemies 

-There are action skill augments within the skill trees now. You get 2 augment slots per action skill. These augments provide useful effects like a rocket launcher for the drone and 360 degree coverage for the shield

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 30 April 2019