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Cerebralbore101 said:
BraLoD said:
April 5th.

It points for a holiday release as always, then.
Mid year launch would be strange, either it was March to boost FY or it was holidays.
PS5 not happening at all this year tho.
TLoU 2 confirmed to be 2020 early year big game, IMO.
GoT might be cross-gen.
PS4 still has a lot of life in it, 120M+ sales confirmed.

Death Stranding, GoT, and TLoU2 will probably all either be crossgen or quickly get PS5 remastered editions. 

Death Stranding is definitely releasing with the PS5 already out.

Ghost of Tsushima might be a launch title for PS5, being crossgen (like BotW).

TLoU 2 is definitely releasing exclusively on PS4, and getting PS5 enhanced support later.

TLoU 2 will not take over 18 months to release to be crossgen (releasing with the PS5 already out).