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Dulfite said:
Well this will be very interesting then if Microsoft chooses to do the opposite and launch this year. Either way this is great news for Switch sales, I suppose!

Seems early but always possible.

Not sure how this benefits Switch.

DonFerrari said:
That was expected.
@Dulfite if MS launches this year there is a good chance Sony already have a backup plan to speed up launch (which I hope they don't use because that always open space for fuck ups). I would preffer MS releases the spec and price of their machine so Sony can adjust whatever needed to have a stronger and cheaper machine.

I doubt Sony really cares. They know when they are launching (regardless of whether this news is a bluff or not) and software development for both PS5 and PS4 will match up with that. They aren't going to rush a release just because MS might launch this year, something they have most likely taken into account.

They still have TLoU2, a Kojima game, and GoT (if quality holds up): they are fine for the next 12 months quite easily.