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Spindel said:
May I add an complaint:

For the last week (couple of weeks) the scrolling works wanky on this site on iPad and iPhone. I do not have this problem on any other sites.

My problem is that the scrolling is sticky, if I do a quick swipe with the finger the scrolling stops instantly when I lift the finger. The normal behaviour is that a qick swipe followed by lifting the finger should keep the page scroling with simulated inertia.

It must be some programming on this site since this site is the only one I visit with this behaviour.

I want to add a few lines to this problem.

I usually browse VGC on my laptop and the scrolling doesn't work the same way it did before. While I can scroll each forum page with the mouse wheel without problems, I cannot move the page up or down with the Page Up/Page Down keys nor the directional keys pn the keyboard, unless I first click with the mouse on empty space on the page. But that defeats the whole purpose of scrolling a page without using the mouse.

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