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Jranation said:
pokoko said:
That looks pretty nifty.

Still don't get why anyone assumed that "S" meant "Switch". That was a reach to start with.

Pinkie_pie said:
For some reason nintendo fans were very confident persona 5 would be coming to switch when there has never been a main persona game on a nintendo system before. Lets hope thats the end of persona 5 port begging.

Perhaps because Joker is from a specific game (P5) so people thought Nintendo made a deal to Atlus to bring him in smash + A P5 port. 

Obviously it is still not out of the picture. Like look at Cloud. Took this long to get FF back on Nintendo console. Surely Atlus would love the extra $$$ they can get.

Oh like Persona Q2. That game on the 3ds that is out already? Jee if only many, many, many people pointed that out...

And yes exactly look at Cloud. It took FOUR YEARS to get that added to the switch. It never actually ever came to the wii U.  Yet there are multiple 3ds games with him.

OR hey look it is Snake which was added not because of the Nintendo games, but because KoJima's son asked for it.

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