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Ka-pi96 said:
mZuzek said:

But then again, Ka-pi probably pays full price for FIFA every year, so he's not in any position to complain.

I usually get the ultimate edition, so more than full price even


Bandorr said:

Cloud was announced for smash in November 12th, 2015. FF7 came to the switch in March 26, 2019.

So by your logic.. Persona 5 for the switch is coming out... in 4 years?

Or is it possible that cloud was added because of the 3ds games he is on and Joker was added because of Persona Q 2?

I don't really think they're comparable. Cloud is one of gaming's most iconic characters, from a massively successful franchise. I don't think Nintendo cared whether they had his game on their consoles or not, because he's a character that will bring attention to Smash. Joker, for as well as Persona 5 has done in its own right, is nowhere near as mainstream, and outside of the general 'hardcore' audience, really doesn't bring attention at all beyond just being "a new guy". That's how it was at college, in fact - back when Cloud released, everyone was like "Cloud's in Smash?!!!", whereas now when I booted the game up there it was like "oh there's a new guy he looks cool".

It's the sort of addition that brings more attention to Persona than it does to Smash, which is why I don't think Nintendo would have put him there if they didn't have a port planned. The only reason why I can imagine they brought him into the game other than a port, is because Sakurai loves Persona 5, and that'd be fair enough. But at the end of the day, it's still Nintendo who chose the characters, not him.