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Bristow9091 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
So there's actually an attractive female character in P5 now? Took long enough!

Still pissed about this new version though. They'd better release the extra content as DLC for the original version too because expecting people to buy the whole game again at full price would be ridiculous.

I mean, people bought P4 and P4G for full price... same with P3 and P3 FES and P3P lol. I don't see the problem to be honest, from the trailer I'm already super excited about all the new content and considering how long it took me to finish the game the first time (About 130+ hours), I'm more than happy to pay full price, lol :P 

I struggle to imagine how you could possibly not see the problem... it's one thing being fine with it, but it's another thing not seeing it at all.

Personally, I'm just waiting for a Switch port, and I'll take anything that comes, but I would be very disappointed if it's just the base game and not the Royal version. I guess Atlus just enjoys being crap about certain things.

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