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Lryu222 said:
Is Xenoblade 2 one of these highly praised JRPGs that have terrible writing, voice acting and tons of fan service? .

There certainly is fanservice in the game, some character are very sexualized for no reason, others are not. For the writing, I would say its pretty good. I've seen better, but I've seen a lot worse in JRPG's. Some scenes have a great translation that flows really well, while others can be a bit cringe to say the least. Voice acting goes from really good, to a few pretty bad ones. Its basically your standard Nintendo voice acting work. But there is a lot diversity in the accents, which I really liked.

Ultimately Xenoblase 2 stands out with its great combat and a really great story that, Unlike a lot of other JRPG's, has a really nice flow to it.

Last edited by cycycychris - on 23 April 2019


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