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Cobretti2 said:
There is nothing wrong with the work hours. They should be compensated better. Even in 1st world countries some factories operate this way. My mum has been doing 12 hour shifts for the last 10 years (the 15 before that we 8 hour). The only difference is they get paid better, so employees are happy to do it.

Your mom's doing are irrevelant to what's being stated in the article. Money is good but it doesn't get back that time you've lost to accomplish yourself, relax and be more healthy as a result of not taxing yourself for work. Case in point, they're not justly compensated for their work in worse conditions that you'd find in the west in some industry and they're in their rights to want better working conditions.

Heck, why do you think we're at this point here in the West ? People fought to improve their conditions in unregulated times where you'd be forced to work your bones off for dirt cheap and barely live in viable conditions.

I think, if we look at it in a cyclical manner, they're on the same point that we were at the middle-end of the XXth century.

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