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Marth said:
+200% but still only 15th on the chart. Shows how abysmal Anthem did before.

My biggest suprise is still MK8D. UK is not that fond of the Switch but those who get one are pretty much forced to get Mario Kart with it :D

And a suprising debut of World War Z. I did not expect it to top the chart. Congrats! Hopefully this shows Valve how much people are waiting for a Left For Dead 3.

Well technically, it was also the most popular game on the WiiU there too so it's not surprising ;)

Anywoo, it's been a bit more than 3 weeks since Yoshi released and still quite high in the charts, I'm glad it can show some decent for what is relatively a weak market for the Switch and kind of cutesy 2.5D platformer in general ^^

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