BraLoD said:
CGI-Quality said:
In this case at least (though I'm sure Xbox will also have it now), I was wrong about Raytracing (though we'd need to see more). Hearing that it'll pack an SSD faster than my PC is capable of is the bananas part! O_O

Still think it won't cost more than $400?

My prediction is looking spot on right now

Over 16GB RAM is going to be next step, I see you still think it'll be 16GB but could see 24GB at most, so I hope you aren't impressed now

I'm telling you guys the PS5 will be a monster, believe in ol' Brolad.

The full spec sheet hasn't been revealed yet.

Counting chickens before they've hatched isn't wise, especially considering my history regarding predictions like GT5 and Heavy Rain. Betting against me, and then losing, could result in bad things for you ;P (I'll spare you a bit since that was long before your time here).

I'm happy to be wrong in the opposite direction, though. I'd take a beastly machine at $449-$499 (as I stated). 

As for being 'impressed', that's a relative term. Consoles can only impress me within their confined spaces, but I already build things that far far exceed any spec sheet they'll provide for these next gen devices. The games will have to do the talking (yes, they will provide a graphical fidelity you only dreamed could happen). 

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