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taus90 said:
simek said:

I think we gonna get all  technichal and strategy  info in september with full lineup  and pricing reavel at PSX. This is just a teaser. Better battery i think should be priority. I dont think wireless charging will be any efficent for gaming (too slow), and too expensive aswell.

All the upcoming games TLOU2, DS etc, to lunch on both systems. Im betting on march 2020 realese with TLOU 2. PS5 is the only reason that we don't  have any news about does games since E3 last year. I expect they will reannonce does games to showcase games running on new hardware.

I agree wireless charging wont do much, But some sort of quick charge is vital. 

although I think the situation with TLoU2 will be similar to TLou1 last gen.. it will release on PS4 prior to launching on PS5.. and it will be used as a showcase to show off how PS5 could improve PS4 games 

Pretty much. Maybe it will be this year. Rerelease next yr with main game and left behind esque extra.