potato_hamster said:
Well I once got moderated for saying that a certain fanbase that were overtly enthusiastic about their platform of choice, and extremely dismissive of anyone that didn't share their enthusiasm "sounded like born-again Christians" because apparently a Christian apparently could interpret in such a way that they might be offended by it.

So based on that, it's best to just not even act like religion exists and is something that should ever be mentioned on this message board. The only way to win that game is to simply not play it.

You could have tried to be a little more respectful and tactful in your approach instead of being so brazen in your attack against a particular community.

You can criticize any fanbase, any religion, any belief, but if you do so that is simply not constructive and thus doesn't add to a discussion, then you will certainly be moderated for it.
In short, there is a line, you clearly crossed it, you weren't moderated just because off the anti-religious rhetoric. (Again, parts of the mod team is Atheist and thus not supporters of religion.)

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