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starcraft said:
shikamaru317 said:

This game should in theory be pretty good sized, it has been in development for awhile. Stig Asmussen, who is directing Jedi: Fallen Order, left Sony Santa Monica in 2014 after the cancellation of the new sci-fi IP he was directing, and joined on with Respawn soon afterward. He worked on a prototype for a new action IP for a few months to a year, but then Respawn made a deal with EA to make a Star Wars game and the new IP got put on hold in favor of Jedi: Fallen Order. So, Jedi Fallen Order has been in development since late 2015 I believe. We saw our first behind the scenes work on the game at E3 2016, when EA decided to do that E3 conference that was mostly behind the scenes footage of their developers making games:

So yeah, we're looking at approximately 4 years of development since it releases November 2019. I think 30+ hours seems likely for the game's length, maybe even 40+ if we're lucky. 

Looks like its a narrative-driven action game full of set pieces.

I'd expect something more like 10 hours, and dream of 14.

30+ hours is almost entirely unrealistic unless I am misunderstanding the nature of the game.

Well, for instance, compare it to God of War 4. Stig Asmussen directed God of War 3 before moving on to develop Fallen Order. God of War 4 was developed in 4 years, just like Fallen Order, by a similarly sized team. God of War 4 has a 20 hour main story, takes 35 hours to complete the main story + most of the side content, and takes 50 hours to 100% complete the game according to How Long to Beat. Another recent action game, Nier Automata, has a 20 hour main story, 37 hours of main + side, and a 61 hour completionist time (and it was developed by a much smaller team than Fallen Order in 3 years). Compare it to another recent Star Wars game, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was developed in just 2 years and it had a 6 hour campaign and a multiplayer mode with 11 ground maps, 14 hero characters, 5 ground vehicles, 2 reinforcement classes with variations for each of the 6 factions, 5 starfighter maps, 8 hero starfighters, 16 starfighters, and 20+ emotes. 

Here is another thing worth noting. EA had the balls to announce that the game has no multiplayer component and no micro-transactions. Basically that is suicide for a short singleplayer only game, as soon as people read the reviews saying the game is small, they will wait on a sale and get the game when it drops to like $30. I don't think EA wants to send this game out to it's death, if the rumors are true they are already on pretty thin ice with Disney and could have their 10 year license revoked if they release another Star Wars game that flops. So yeah, I don't think EA is crazy enough to release a 10-14 hour singleplayer only game, with no microtransactions that they can use to recoup the losses of people waiting to buy the game on sale due to it's short length. 20+ hours seems certain to me, and with a little luck 30+ could happen. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 14 April 2019