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AbbathTheGrim said:

"I am a Jedi but I can't use my powers or I will reveal who I am"... so I will be most of the game shooting stuff in third person.

I don't think that is the case. From what I am hearing, the section of the trailer where he saves his co-worker with the force and gets outed as Force Sensitive, occurs very early in the game. Seems like you then go on the run when the Second Sister shows up to capture you, leading to the sections of the trailer with the stormtroopers shooting at you while you wall run. You then hide in the cave and find the Clone Trooper and Jedi that killed each other, and you take the lightsaber from the dead Jedi. So seems like maybe the first hour or two will be very story heavy, with some non-combat running sequences and maybe some unarmed combat sequences (like the part where he is fighting the purge trooper unarmed), then you will get the lightsaber and have it the rest of the game. I don't see a blaster on his person anywhere in the trailer.