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Bristow9091 said:
I was always hoping it'd come to PS4, and still do, which may sound odd considering I own a Switch so could just buy it for that... but I'm more than happy to buy it on Steam too, mainly because I spend more time on my PC than Switch, so there's a higher chance I'll get around to playing it, lol.

Not sure how to copy quote and add to my previous post to this (since I didnt multiquote).

But ya, between PS4 and Switch - I would rather get this game on the PS4 too.

Though I read on ERA that Nintendo helped funding for the publishing rights to the game so not sure if its possible that a PS4 port will be possible but....if it does, I wouldnt mind double dipping on PS4 and PC versions lol.

I was planning to get it on Switch but gonna drop that from my wishlist.


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