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I don't think From Software has any obligation to make any kind of easy mode.  

I'd argue that difficulty is kind of arbitrary.  

It's easy to define an easy or a difficult mode in the context of the same game.  Clearly enemies with more health are going to be challenging.  But "easy" in one game can be a very different thing from another game.  For example what if From Software made the current mode the "easy" mode,and made a more challenging mode?  The real crux of the conversation is about making the game more accessible, and the question there is how accessible does a game need to be?

What kind of standards should that easy mode have?  I think the best way to think about it is statistically, what percentage of players should be able to complete easy mode?

Someone might put out that 95% of players should be able to get through a game like Bloodborne.  Or some other (arbitrary) percentage.  

However you put it, these difficulty standards are at least somewhat arbitrary.  I don't think that any developer should have some set standard like that, that they should be aiming for.