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dx11332sega said:
What I learned in span of almost 4 months
Sakana さかな=fish
Niku にく =meat
Yasai やさい=vegetables
boushi ぼうし=hat
Nihongo にほんご =japanese
kohi コーヒー = coffee
jitensha じてんしゃ = bicycle
hon ほん = book
kaban かばん = bag
tokei とけい = clock
pen ぺん = pen (yes seriously pen is pen same japanese and english XD)
piza ぴざ = pizza (just same aswell)
eigo えいご = english
bengoshi べえんごし = lawyer
gakusei がくせい = student
sensei せんせい = teacher
and many more was just showing ones on top of my head I also learned
ru verbs
u verbs
irregular verbs
using masu and masen almost some words with verbs to speak polite
could now understand some orally speaking japanese now
understand like 90% of hiragana , 60% katakana , I just scratch the surface of kanji late march I think? but understand first few kanji
I'm happy from not knowing no japanese what so ever late january 2019 to knowing alot ( know nothing of speaking and writing japanese before early january 2019 this year) to doing good (^_^)

Are you using Genki by any chance?

That was my textbook, and what you typed up sounds like a lot of the early examples from that book.