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KLXVER said:
RolStoppable said:
Compression would make Hellblade fit on a 16 GB card without any serious concessions.

To my knowledge, there has not been a single AAA game that has not come to Switch because of cards.

No, but several have not gotten a physical release because of it.

Not really. If a developer/publisher wants a physical release and the cost of game cards is an issue for them, their first option is compression. So the situation isn't that there's no physical release because of the cost of cards, but because those publishers couldn't be bothered to release a physical version.

When we have the concrete example of Activision compressing Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy by a 4:1 ratio while still ending up with a port that can be called competent, then we have to think critically and ask why other publishers aren't doing something that's perfectly feasible. Given what the size of games and cards are, it's not even necessary to accomplish a 4:1 ratio. Less than that would still do the job.

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