NightlyPoe said:
KLXVER said:

If they were to buy anyone it would be Sony. They have the rights to Spider-Man after all. I still hope Sony doesn't get acquired by Disney even if they are so dependable as you say.

They're not going to buy either.  The hypothetical is null to begin with.  All I am saying is that Disney is not EA and tosses the companies it acquires into the rubbish bin.

You forgot about LucasArts.

NightlyPoe said:
ARamdomGamer said:
Nah, one of them is not trying to be a terrible monopoly.

Of the two, only Nintendo holds a monopoly in anything (handheld consoles).

I'm not sure how Disney can be remotely accused of being a monopoly.  Every sector they they own a stake in has competition from multi-billion dollar companies.  The problem with the entertainment industry isn't Disney.  It's that the box office is falling in general and the other studios are being critically mismanaged.

Disney is a monopoly because they're buying out major companies left and right; Marvel, LucasFilm, 20th Century Fox, etc. If they keep it up it'd severely damage the entertainment industry and several others.