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Not sure which ones you play and what your general understanding is of fighting games, but given some of the things you said, I may have a good idea. So since this is partially about helping others get better, let me share some advice as well.

dx11332sega said:

You win constantly doing combo's that do more damage (either long combo's or short as long it takes alot of damage).

Many times in modern fighting games it's not the most damaging combo you want to go for. The main reason for that is positioning.
And I'm not just talking about carrying the opponent to a wall. But the 'setup' you get after knocking them down.

The most damaging combo may allow your opponent to recover off the ground before you are able to reach them.
A less damaging combo may allow you to strike at the same time as your opponent gets up off the ground. This can result in a 50/50 mixup situation that's very difficult to react to, and your opponent needs to guess which way to block.

So instead of doing say 80 damage with the most damaging combo, you instead did 70 damage, + got a 50/50 chance to do another 70 damage, and put the opponent back into the 50/50 mixup situation again, and so on.

Another reason to go for a less damaging combo is to do a so called reset.
When you do a combo, each additional hit tends to do less and less damage due to damage scaling. People some times intentionally stop their combos before finishing, to catch the opponent off guard and begin a new combo again.

For example, normally your opponent will hold back or down/back while they're getting hit by a combo (in case you mess up and drop it before it ends).
But if you stop it on purpose and hit the opponent with a move from behind or above, that will start the combo again along with the combo scaling.

dx11332sega said:
Always block high, If your opponent starts attacking you with lows then in next round block lows 

Depends on the game. In Street Fighter you'll generally want to defend while crouching. In Tekken you'll more often want to stand.

Last edited by Hiku - on 06 April 2019