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I'll help you get better If you wanna win alot ?

What fighting games you play?

I'm making this thread To help those that wanna learn how to play fighting games? Here are tips never back yourself to the wall, You win constantly doing combo's that do more damage (either long combo's or short as long it takes alot of damage).Always block high, If your opponent starts attacking you with lows then in next round block lows . In ranked or any online matches if opponent Lag's online don't rematch him ( If he rematches you don't rematch him he's a lag switcher trying to farm you to get easy wins . Don't jump alot smart opponent's online will easily punish jumpers

Let's be friends ? and let me teach you ? 


I'll add more when If you wanna play I have enough to spend on 100 new fighting games :) so please add more and I'll buy and play with you thats why I have alot of games that are same each console :)

Games I own

Soul calibur 6
Tekken 7
Street fighter 5
Blaz blue tag
Kof 14
Dead or Alive 6

Dragon Ball Fighter Z(just added)

Xbox One
Tekken 7
Soul Calibur 6
Dead or alive 6
Tekken 6 (backwards compatible) it came with code
Dead or Alive 5

Xbox 360
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
Darkstalkers ressurection
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
King of fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
King of fighters 13

Blazblue tag

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