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Sunstrider said:

So i just beat the

Divine Dogeh(lel)

, this was the easiest boss fight I have encountered. Not including the

(Folding Screen Monkeys)

don't really consider them as Bosses.


I thought I lost my touch after two days rest.

Yeah, it was easy but still so damn epic, one of my complaints of the game was that they didn't but in over the top set piece or spectacle bosses/mini bosses to give some comfort between the mega hard ones and now they have done it a few times since mid game. 

I thourally enjoyed beating a boss on my first go, knowing that it is a boss I can relax back, watch and enjoy the spectacle unfold safe as some down time before I return to the boss that is kicking my ass and what a spectacle that boss was, so cool. They could have really milked that for difficulty and I'd have been okay with it cause the setting is amazing but I'm glad it was a spectacle fight, it was needed.