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Her:Is this available?
Me: Yes
Her: $30
Her:okay 36 can't meet tomorrow.
in my head ???????
Me:you say you can't meet tomorrow?
Her:San Marcos.
Me:I can't promise to keep this game still If another person gives me 40?
Me:if its not sold before I'll let you know I'm not much of a waiting guy heh
30 minutes later
Me:what day your available ?
she sees my comment that I'm available to sell her the game in wednesday she doesn't respond just watches


me:You available tomorrow(friday)
her:tomorrow can't meet San Marcos in Marshall mall.
I panicdoes she want me to meet in san marcos so far away ?
Me:I cant go to san marcos
I'm thinking she probably thinks cant means can meet?
Me:I can not go to san marcos
she watches my reply doesn't say anything I'm angry now and panicing from this she probably thinks I'll go to san marcos?

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