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SpokenTruth said:
TranceformerFX said:

Yeah, it's broke as f**k. Jussie Smollet just got away with faking a hate crime - scott free. And we'll never know why because they sealed ALL the documents pertaining to the case.

If that's not Hollywood privilege, then I don't know what the hell is. He was guilty as sin with concrete imlerimp evidence such as footage, transactions, confessions... And just like that, prosecutors dropped the case.

So basically, if you're black and in Hollywood - you're impervious to taking accountability for faking a hate crime as long as it's against Trump.

What bullshit...

He's been blacklisted in Hollywood.  He'll never get a solid acting gig again.

1.)  But you don't even know if that'll always be the case.  I can just as easily say his 'road to redemption' in the eyes of Hollywood's upper echelon is a few crying acts away from getting back in their good graces.  Hell, they may come to empathize with him if he spins this in a way of highlighting REAL hate crimes under Trump or whatever.  

I'm not saying this will happen, but only emphasizing that neither of us know the future.  Though Hollywood history seems to lean towards my hypothetical case.  Roman Polanski can still be well regarded in their circles despite doing something much worse.

2.)  But let's say that you're right and he'll remain blacklisted...

Why should that suffice in the face of SIXTEEN disorderly conduct charges and intentionally wasting public resources in one of America's most dangerous cities?  Doesn't this just further ingrain the notion that the uber-rich operate under a different legal standard?  

I doubt the majority of citizens would be fine with the extent of his punishment being no more 65k-per-episode gigs.