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jason1637 said:
SpokenTruth said:

No, but an American sports organization founded in the 1960s that is dependent on various sources including the US government.

They will now have to cut their budget, operate in the red or increase their other revenue streams (higher fees, etc...).  Because apparently we can't afford that $18 million per year we provide....because POTUS can't cut 3 of his golf trips per year (same costs).

It would be an awesome gesture if Trump or any of his billionaire cabinet ponied up the difference.  But...see picture.  That's not going to happen.

Well if its not ran by the government then the government should not give it money imo.

Then how do you fund public organizations that act independently from the government? No, I don't think you should categorically bar any instance of funding a non-government organization with government money. If it performs a good public service, and does so in an efficient, non-corrupt, and not-for-profit way, it's a good idea to fund it as it can perform its mission without the inefficiency of partisan gridlock. Sure there are other ways to fund such organizations, but they usually aren't enough, and these things tend to be worth it for the public good. If it's something people want, but it would suffer if corporate greed got involved, and would also suffer if the government could corrupt it or gum it up with partisan bickering, a non-government organization is the best option. We should be using them for a lot more.