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NightlyPoe said:
SpokenTruth said:

On their own?  Almost certainly not.  They would need to set up servers in hundreds of data centers around the world to do anything close to this.  Or you'd end up with round trip latencies in the hundreds or thousands of milliseconds which would immediately ruin every game.


Sounds like par for the course for Nintendo's online stuff.

It is but you have to remember they are a tiny company (6,000) compared to Sony (117,000), MS (134,000) or Google (98,000).  They don't have a massive, global infrastructure pre-built as part of their overall company operations as the others do.

The others can have dozens of other services operating and sharing costs on such an infrastructure.  Nintendo would have only a single service which would make it cost hundreds to thousands per year per gamer to pay for. 

So par for the course but not because of any corporate policy but out of pure logistics.

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