TL;DR: Do you have enough time in your life to play the games you want? 

Do you buy more games than you have time for or do you restrain yourself? 

What is your thoughts on developers and publishers pushing for engagement and people's time over selling base games often competingw with their own games (e.g. Apex tanking Antems prospects)?


I for one have a vast amount of free time compared to most others. I don't want to get into what I do but it involves a lot of free time with odd spots of busy work as long as I keep on top of things properly and I still don't have enough time to play the games I want to play. I only set my sights on roughly three of fours games per month, something I do to avoid games piling up yet still here I am trying to rush out The Messenger before Sekerio drops and finish up DMC5 to get the secret ending an do it it aside.

I just can't understand how publishers think cramming out as much games as services as they can is a good idea at this point when even a dedicated gamer with more double or triple the free time as most adult gamers, like me who is still finding it hard to schedule SINGLE PLAYER games. Often I break the three or four games a month rule but that is a month that I'll add a game to my backlog or end up starting a game for it to sit in a folder for months before I play it. 

Publishers need to start looking at more sustainable ways to make bank and look to single player games aswell to find a balance between games as services and SP campaigns, as the quicker people are finished with games (10 to 12 hours on average for DMC5, RE2, Ace Combat 7, Metro Exodus?) All games that sold relatively well and gamers are back in the market within the week and ready to buy again, gamers who wouldn't buy games as a service anyway or invest in microtransactions. But no, they have a massive met cast in games as services and they are tying up these potential gamers in hopes of catching the whales. Idiotic.  

But time is a flat polygon, like I said, eventually it will come back around and they'll saturate the market with single player games and no games as service spending another dev cycle to rectify that. I hope they do as it means more games for us and more money for them, more sustainable money. 

Rant end. (I'll edit it later)


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