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I see several roadblocks they will need to overcome:

-Lack of high speed internet access in rural areas. Looking like this will take at least 5-10 years to overcome this roadblock, as ISP's are being slow to roll out white space internet and super wi-fi to provide high speed to rural areas

-Many ISP's, including the largest in the US, Comcast, have data caps. Comcast has a 1 TB a month cap, and it is being reported that Stadia will use 20 GB per hour, which means you would eat through your entire 1 TB allotment in just 50 hours of gaming. The only thing that is likely to overcome this roadblock is government oversight, the government stepping in to force the ISP's to get rid of data caps, because they have no intention of getting rid of them on their own.

-Many ISP's are known to throttle connection speeds for users who do alot of streaming on Netflix and the like, they will very likely do the same for Stadia, which will effect the image quality of the stream. Once again, government oversight is the only thing likely to overcome this barrier, as the ISP's have no intention of getting rid of streaming throttles.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 19 March 2019