Jumpin said:
cycycychris said:
Beto raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours, which is higher than Bernie did


Glad to see he is doing very well. Ultimately I think this race will come down to Beto vs Biden vs Bernie. I really hope Beto wins it, he has the charisma to be a Obama imo. Its sad seeing all the Bernie squad going full attack on him.

But what makes him charismatic? I have heard others say it, but no one can quantify it.
With Obama, it's obvious: he's one of the world's greatest speakers, and can put together great speeches. Beto lacks both these traits, all I see of him is a struggle to put together a coherent 5 minute speech, and LOTS of rapid hand gestures, like he is trying to spoof Hitler.

Obama is not a great speaker. Watch his debates, he was blown away by Hillary in 2008 and even Romney, to some extent, in 2012.

But he is charismatic. Same can be said about Trump really. So it's not about speeches.

In fact it just goes to show how the debates are nearly useless, indeed, everyone picks up favorites beforehand based on gut feeling.