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kirby007 said:

Just limited story and chars, but man does it leave a good impression, i skipped doa5 but this leaves me wanting more!

Imo this is how trials should be.

Goddamn its runs smooth

There are some other games like this.
The previous game (Dead or Alive 5), Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, and Killer Instinct for example.

Haven't tried DOA6 yet, but I do like this model, because I might pick it up with just the characters I'm interested in (Nyotengu, Mai, Lei-Fang).

Burning Typhoon said:

DoA5 has the exact same thing.  If you want, you can buy only the characters you want, for somewhere around 4 dollars, and it's basically a service that divides the game up depending on what parts you want to buy.  For casuals, it's great.  You can play as the 2 or 3 characters you like for about 12 bucks.  But, this is the same game that's charging 93 dollars for a season pass that lasts 3 months, and DoA5's steam page DLC amounts to almost 1200 dollars.  I wont be supporting this practice.  The game is rushed, and there's going to be an update to the game in the future, and it's basically going to follow DoA5's entire strategy.

If they weren't so greedy with the costumes, I'd support the game.

What exactly do you find problematic with the DLC? It amounts to that much because they've released a lot of costumes.
I went past the dairy section today at the store, and all the dairy products they had probably amounted to thousands of dollars. But I only wanted one milk carton, so it wasn't a problem.
I'm browsing around the DOA5 DLC right now, and it looks like each costume only costs $2-$3 each. That seems pretty standard for a costume.

Also, a fighting game getting updated versions later doesn't necessarily mean it's rushed. I don't think Street Fighter 2 was rushed, even though it got a bajillion updated versions. It was just that Capcom kept working on it year in and year out.
Though I don't know if DOA6 is missing any notable feature, as I haven't checked it out yet.

Last edited by Hiku - on 18 March 2019