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dx11332sega said:

Should definately buy Whatever Sony TV now then 4-5 years from now of saving in the bank When PS5 Pro releases buy another TV What you think guys should we do that?I know I am. but I already bought A samsung but next TV is definately few years away A Sony One those delicious visuals and mouth watering graphics from Sony TV's.


Edit: Right now my samsung sucks compared to you guys TV's ^_^

I was gaming this whole gen with an old 2012 32" Samsung and I didn't plan to switch it until they actually announced the PS5, but it broke.

I would wait for the reveal if I still had that TV, so I would recommend you do that, you'll pay less if you wait more, if you can you should wait.

And I would also like to tell you to be careful about OLED, even if the image is as good as it gets nowdays, it's risky for gaming, as it is possible to get image burn-in if you use the TV to play too much the same games (as in, HuD elements can get actually burn in your screen forever) and I imagine the investiment on such TVs to play with fear is not worth it, at least for me that can't simply replace it.