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omarct said:
BraLoD said:

All of them.

Lightning Dog, Smoking Frog, Laser Slime, Huge Skeleton, Seven Heads Snake (I like how you called it, so take those, lol).

But specially the human bosses. The sword fighting on Nioh is by far the best ever. Fighting other chars was amazing.

Even more in the two vs one fights.

People say Dark Souls Ornstein and Smough was amazing... lol.

Yuki Ona and Oda Nobunaga

Honda Tadakatsu and Tachibana Muneshige

Those are the real deal, nothing compares.

Nioh is by far the game with the best boss battles, gameplay wise, not only of this gen but of all time.

I disagree, I fought all of those and the fights were very forgettable only now that you mention them do they come to my mind. The character fights all felt very samey and relied more on spacing and taking advantage of openings than actually going in there and dodging attacks like in bloodborne. I get people have different tastes but saying Nioh has the best bosses of all time is a huge jump and your obvious bias is showing. 

Laser slime was a silly fight the boss basically had 3 attacks, the skeleton was just a gimmick fight were you dont really fight but instead go around destroying certain parts. Cant even remember anything about the hydra other than it being visually impressive. As for the oda yuki fight, i found it more annoying/frustrating than anything else. Tons of bullshit one hit kills and instant stagger to death shit, I was probably under-leveled though.

What are you going on about?

You came to a thread that is asking a question to see what people think about a subject, I answer it, and you come single me out to say I'm biased?

Of fucking course I'm biased to my own opinion.

About how you felt about the game itself, cool, that's just your opinion too, though...

Nioh still has the best boss battles, gameplay wise, ever. That's my take.

Bloodborne doesn't even compare. (And I love it too)