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1. How much do you typically spend on gaming each year. Recent big gaming purchases?

It usually depends. I was probably close to 1K (CAD Dollar) during the Switch's first year (not even mentionning the 3DS games I bought too) but this would usually be my biggest year in terms of spending. I also don't jump on sales too often (sometimes on Steam) so I pay full pot for my Nintendo stuff. A typical year like last year was more around the 400-600$ mark. I wouldn't be surprised if this year was more costly than usual due to the sheer amount of games I'm waiting for though. I'm anticipating something around 800$ CAD. Haven't done a purchase related to hardware or accessories. (No, I'm planning something big next year ;) )

2. How do you fund your gaming habits (i.e., what do you do for a living), and if you're comfortable answering, how much do you make?

How do I fund my gaming habits ? Effort,work and perseverance :P There's money too ...
I mean I'm kinda torn appart between my studies, my job, my other principal hobby (tennis) and video games but it works out fine (more like 3/4 of the year is fine the last quarter is always a disaster) by the end. Now, you might guess that I'm not the money maker type but since I live what a consider a blanced life without spending mindlessly on everything that goes my way which means I have space to breathe with my salary averaging 15K.

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