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I wanna play it using The broadcast or upload feature found in Sony consoles . I'm barely playing Xbox one because Microsoft doesn't allow us to upload on youtube also I like playing with the masses on PS4 . Do you also wish to broadcast on youtube some Microsoft or Nintendo games ?

Update:Just bought Killer instinct Deluxe Edition for 10 $ and its easier to do combo's than dragon ball fighter z or soul calibur 6 and thats with the combo assist turned off , I was mashing heavy punch and few directional butoon movement at same time , The combo's seem easier than anything besides smash bros . KI is fun I definely want a PS4 port and Switch port

Update 2021 : THis is the main reason I want killer instinct on PS5 These combos put street fighter 5 champion combo system to shame I can do all street fighter 5 combos , but I cant do these impossible Killer instinct inputs that put my chun li infinite stop glitch in mvc 1 and touch of death combos in bbtag and my street fighter 3rd strike yun 11 hit wall combo and my street fighter alpha 3 karin 15 hit v-ism maximum damage optimal to shame. As a karin main in alpha 3 on PS4 I put my karin combo on other karins to shame I'm a one in a million optimal 15 hit combo karin in alpha 3 . PS4, 5 xbox and switch can't hang with my flashy flex combo the max "playstation and xbox and switch" alpha 3 karins ever done was 6 hit combo karin yikes.

Watch both cinder and sadira entire video, this is how to truly do combos with complexity and flex

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It's easy to picture Miss Xbox AKA Vert from Hyperdimension Neptunia with Pigtails and younger, Just give her pigtails and make her 2 year younger look at the one far left example , answered.