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Random_Matt said:

Can you actually get rid of the artificial buttons and use dualshock?

Good question. I'll see if I can look that up in a bit.

But the artificial buttons vanish if you don't touch the screen for 2 seconds, so if you're able to play with a controller then the screen wouldn't be obstructed.

Shiken said:
RIP Vita...

When is this coming to Android?

Apparently this has been available for Sony Xperia phones since 2014, and only just now released for iPhone. I'm guessing Android is around the corner, but haven't heard anything specific yet.

Btw since I was on wi-fi I couldn't go very far before the connection affected the gameplay.
This does require a fast internet connection indeed. Not sure if this works well with 4G. Probably not. Might need 5G for this to work.

Last edited by Hiku - on 07 March 2019